Project highlight

Project highlight: trifold benscher

Our first project is a minhag Ashkenaz trifold benscher suited for general use at home and away.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To fit all brachos before and after food and drink onto a printable trifold; that is, on two sides of a sheet of paper, which is folded twice to create three panels on each side.
  • To be an “all year around” benscher, including additions for Shabas, Rosh Ḥodesh, yontif, and ḥol hamoed.
  • Easy to use colour-coded additions and alternatives.
  • To be easily printed by the end user on a typical modern home colour printer.

As with all our projects it is typeset in Koren Siddur and Koren Tanakh typefaces for beautiful but readable text.

The project has been challenging, particularly to fit all the content on a single page. We had to make some compromises resulting in differences from our full benscher:

  • The trifold benscher is laid out in a compact paragraph format rather than the more engaging verse format.
  • The text font is smaller (11 points) than what we are planning to use in our full benscher (14 points).
  • Instructions are kept to a minimum: English headings and “in line” instructions guiding the user to the correct insertion or alternative. There are no detailed instructions so some familiarity with bensching before and after food is assumed.
  • Compensatory blessings (if one forgot to say retzey, al hanisim, or ya-ale veyavo) have been left out.
  • Additions said after a bris, wedding, or sheva braḥos have been left out.

We hope you agree these compromises are worth the result: a compact and user-friendly minhag Ashkenaz benscher suited to most situations all year around.

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