New release

New release: printable trifold benscher public beta

We are proud to release the public beta of our first printable project: a minhag Ashkenaz trifold benscher suited for general use at home and away.

Trifold benscher features

  • All the brachos, all year around. The benscher has all brachos before and after food and drink including additions for Shabas, Roush Ḥoudesh, yontif, and ḥoul hamoued according to minhag Ashkenaz.
  • The benscher fits on a single printable trifold; that is, on two sides of a sheet of paper, which is folded twice to create three panels on each side.
  • Easy to use Hebrew text with clear English headings and instructions. The text also uses colour-coding for additions and alternatives.
  • Easily printed on a typical modern home colour printer.

Future printables

This is the first in a series of printable projects we are working on. We always welcome suggestions for other printables and feedback on our existing ones.

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