We are working on a series of minhag Ashkenaz publications.

While there are several exciting projects publishing authentic minhag Ashkenaz sidurim in Hebrew, no one is publishing one with English instructions.

We hope to fill that gap with beautiful and practical publications with:

  • Hebrew text following authentic minhag Ashkenaz.
  • Easy to follow English instructions reflecting minhag Ashkenaz practice.
  • Clear modern typesetting using the famous Koren Siddur and Koren Tanakh typefaces (reused under license).
  • Beautiful colour hardcover editions using colour coding for insertions and additions.
  • Affordable black and white paperback editions.

Goldstein Press projects

We are currently working on:

  • Hagodo shel Pesaḥ.
  • Shabas bentscher with traditional zemiros in Hebrew (and one or two in Aramaic or Yiddish) with English instructions.
  • Shabas zemiros in Hebrew with English instructions.

We are also considering further publications depending on interest; these include:

  • A weekday sidur.
  • A Shabas sidur.
  • A combined weekday/Shabas sidur.

Let us know if you have an interest in other publications or editions.