Hagodo shel Pesaḥ

Our Hagodo shel Pesaḥ project plans to release a number of different editions of minhog Ashkenaz hagodos.

The first of these is a utilitarian minhog Ashkenaz hagodo with Hebrew text and English instructions.

This proof of concept edition contains all the hagodo text needed for a kosher seder. However, it does not yet have the Yiddish text for Eḥod Mi Youdeya, Ḥad Gadyo, and Eiyn Keilouheiynu as we have been unable to find a public domain source for them. (Please do contact us if you know of one.)

The design of this proof of concept edition is simple and utilitarian with no decorative illustrations. (The sole illustration is a diagram showing the layout of a Remo seder plate.) We plan to publish a variety of editions with different designs and formats once this proof of concept edition is tested and complete.


  • Large clear readable Hebrew text in Koren typefaces.
  • English instructions based on the publications of the Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz.
  • Instructions for the search for ḥometz, burning ḥometz, the seder plate according to Remo, eruv tavshilin, and candlelighting.
  • Detailed instructions throughout the seder text for both the seder leader and participants.


Sample two page spread from the hagodo (click to view PDF):


The proof of concept edition is available in two editions which are printed on demand at Lulu:

The colour edition uses blue in headings and to highlight insertions for Shabos but the black and white edition is still functional and Shabos insertions are a noticeably different shade of grey to other insertions.

Let us know what you think of it!

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